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ABOUT U.S. BioPharma, Inc 

We are an advanced pain management and sports recovery product formulator and distributor.  We are unique in that we predominately use natural ingredients in creating safe solutions to the most challenging health and wellness issues associated with body aches and rehabilitation.

Our key products have been shown to be effective in routine testing. These naturally formulated products have been presented to Tulane University and Penn State, where both institutes reported tremendous promise and hope to pursue a relationship with this product suite.

Our products have been developed, formulated, tested, designed and are now ready for distribution. Key distribution will be through direct sales and marketing in the managed care arena, though medical offices, physical therapy offices, elderly care, chiropractic offices and Pain Clinic markets. These brands will not be available through public distribution and can only be obtained through these sales channel. Direct sales will be in digital platform, trade show as well as direct sales marketing through continual education online video programing.

Led by a proven management team, US Biopharma is well positioned to serve the rapidly growing market for pharmaceutical-quality products that meet the highest standards necessary for a wide range of discerning customers,. 

Medical Consultation


We are committed to providing the best health solutions, on-going innovation and efficacious non addictive and whenever possible natural products to healthcare providers in integrative medicine and their clients and patients.


To  improve people’s lives by bringing the best, most efficacious products to all customers using their innovation in OTC and Natural Ingredients

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